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The impact of angle of view on perceptions of speed and culpability when viewing a computer generated vehicle accident animation:



Some early research examining the use of Computer Generated Animation (CGA) in legal settings (e.g. Kassin & Dunn, 1997) has suggested that whilst this type of evidence can be beneficial, it can also exhibit a strong prejudicial effect upon estimations of the plausibility and accuracy. To address these problems, Feigenson and Dunn (2003) propose a number of key areas for further exploration and this experiment examined the extent to which a different angle of view can have upon people’s perceptions of culpability. Results indicated that, when viewing an animated sequence depicting a two-vehicle automobile collision, the three viewpoints presented (overhead, facing, and internal) had a significant impact upon these judgements. No differences were found for estimations of vehicle speed. The results suggest that caution should be taken when presenting such evidence in court to address the potential for CGA to bias judgements depending upon the angle of view presented.
Suggested citation: Norris, G. (In press). The influence of animation angle for perceptions of speed and culpability in a road traffic accident Psychology, Crime, and Law.

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